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Why Use Serviced Offices Home Why Use Serviced Offices

People are using serviced offices because the developer takes responsibility for all of the services to the building and, in addition, provides a range of business services such as reception and telephone answering, secretarial support, conference meeting rooms, audio and video conferencing and high speed internet access. The rent that you pay includes almost all of the costs that you would normally expect to pay on top of rent in a traditional office.

There are no additional costs for business rates, lighting & power, security, cleaning, building & plant maintenance, elevators, insurance etc. The only additional costs, on top of rent/ service fee, are for telephone/internet/videoconferencing usage which are normally charged at standard rates. You save on furnishings and we provide the latest workstations with chairs, filing systems, tables and meeting rooms. What is usually a significant startup cost for any occupier is included in the serviced office rent.

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