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What Do Managed Offices Cost Home What Do Managed Offices Cost

The rent that you will be charged is a fully inclusive rent and will normally include rent, property taxes, furnishings, maintenance, heating, air conditioning, lighting, cleaning, security etc etc. In addition there are two very significant extras that are provided free of charge – full office time receptionist and telephone answering services. In most cases the only additional costs are for telephone and internet charges and meeting room charges if you need them. In addition you can choose to use secretarial services if you wish although not all centre’s will offer these.

Within a city there will be a wide range of price options dictated by location, quality, and the range of additional services offered. Even within one building the prices will vary according to the size of the office, number of windows, location within the building etc. In addition, costs will vary according to the length of lease – discounts are normally offered if you will sign for 12 months or more

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