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Your Office comes with everything you need

Your daily essentials The serviced offices are equipped and furnished with the utmost in quality, all just waiting for your arrival. From the professional common areas, to the sleek, high-quality furniture, we make sure you have everything you need to make a comfortable and productive environment from the word go.

Surround yourself with complete style and comfort.

We also take care of all the utility bills including electricity, water, heating and air conditioning so you save money & don't have to worry about these bills every month. Everything is included in one monthly bill.

Your comfort areas

The common areas we maintain for your use, include an equipped kitchen, a canteen and lounge with a news room, restrooms and a welcome reception area. All at no additional cost to you! You literally only pay for the office space you use. You'll have some things in common with the others.

Your managed facilities

From security to cleaning, there are hundred of vendors service the average office. At apexOne we take care them for you, so you can focus on the important things. More importantly, we work with vendors directly to negotiate lowest price so we can pass the cost saving on to you.
To make life easier, we sort and deliver your mail to you daily, free of charge.
With all things running smoothly you can focus on just your work.

Your Support Team

We recruit, train and manage only the best people, so your office is staffed with a team of business professionals. Travel Services such as booking of Air/Rail Travel , Hotel reservations/booking business and leisure tours/facilitation of your travel documentation is available onsite at competitive terms. An Operations Manager will coordinate everything for you to ensure smooth clockwork like effeciency.
Help is always at hand.

Your Meeting Venue

With apexOne serviced office, you can conduct interviews, hold client presentations, or pitch for new business all from the state-of-the-art meeting room facilities in our location. You can also use our Video and Audio conferencing studio on site, to save on travel costs for long distance meeting. Prices available upon request.

apexOne is professional, state of the art and stylized .

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