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1. What is an apexOne Executive Business Suite & how is it different from a traditional office?

apexOne executive Business suites are conveniently located near major transportation hubs. With apexOne business suits you get a complete, professional office environment included in one monthly fee. You'll also get professional receptionists, state-of-the-art telephone and IT services, kitchen areas and business lounges.

With traditional offices, you have to navigate the costly and time-consuming world of setting up and configuring your workspace. Before you can be productive, you must:

  • Pay for altering office space.
  • Sign a fixed-length office lease.
  • Provide office furniture.
  • Contract with multiple service providers (phone, Internet, maintenance).
  • Hire an office staff.
  • Buy or rent office equipment.
  • Build or configure connectivity infrastructure.
  • Spend time, resources and money.

With apexOne business suits, your office space solutions are a single phone call or mouse click away. Simply plug in your computer and start working — and leave the rest to us.

2. Is your business centers located where I need to do business?

Currently apexOne has its own business center in Gurgaon which is in teh Natinal Capital Region at Millennium Plaza Sushant Lok . We will be coming up with few more new locations soon. With so many office locations in key cities worldwide, chances are one is close to where you need to do business.

3. What if my office space needs change?

No problem. Since each business center typically has between 25 and 200 work stations, we can accommodate your changing office space needs with ease. You are locked into a lease agreement when you rent a traditional office, but at an apexOne business suits you can expand or shrink the size of your office space as your needs change. You only pay for the office space you need.

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