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About apexOne

apexOne Executive Business Suites at Millennium Plaza is located in the heart of India’s most respected business destination - Gurgaon. The city has emerged as an inevitable choice for almost all the Fortune 500 companies, who have offices located here. Just a stones throw away from all Premium Commercial and shopping facilities and premium residential complexes. Very contemporary in its design, apexOne offers a perfect working environment for all the corporations housed within its gleaming façade.

The Millennium Plaza apexOne Executive Business Suites itself provides modern and stylish offices, conference rooms, common areas and services. The team at the centre is dedicated to helping clients improve their productivity and enhance their everyday work experience. The interior too has been tastefully done as style spaces with an accent on comfort and color to enhance productivity.

Clients are greeted by a well-appointed Reception area and have access to two conference rooms, In case you need the assitance of our Facility Manager to assist in location of accomodation for your long stay and other amenities and staff he will more than pleased to do so. training room that can accommodate up to 15 to 20 people, and a comfort lounge. Videoconferencing, an LCD projector and on-site administrative sectarial and technical support is available to all clients . Internet Access , Photocopier , Fax , Scanning and all state of the art office facilities are a standard fetaure.

The building and apexOne Executive Suites are easily accessible there is ample covered parking for in house and guest and visitors.

apexOne Millennium Plaza is next to Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road, home to exclusive shopping malls, fine dining restuarants and a number of banks. A wealth of dining options are close by and include everything from steak to seafood to pub fare. Millenium Plaza is just 25 to 30 minutes from both International & Domestic Airports and is easily accessible by cars & taxi. The residential and business district of New Delhi is within close proximity to Gurgaon, it is a great advantage of the future as the Delhi Metro Corporation has already commenced construction of its Gurgaon Metro Station right across the Millennium Plaza complex.

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